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  • essence of lingerie design


    If you really want to understand the essence of lingerie design, then two butterfly is your study. butterfly’s collection is a cornucopia of original thought. Her garments are beloved by brides and Saudi princesses as well as contemporary women looking for a

  • How did the Olympic Games affect Chinese clothing


    Generally speaking, the impact is not very great, but I think it should not be very great. The arrival of the Olympic Games has both advantages and disadvantages for the garment industry. The good side: let foreign garment lovers know more about Chinese fabric

  • China's exports to the United States fell and India's exports to the United States increased rapidly


    From 2015 to 2016, the total market size of India's textile industry was US $54 billion, with domestic demand accounting for 65%, US $350 billion, exports accounting for 35%, US $190 billion (US $5 billion for exports to the United States), and imports account